Going Green at Work and School

      Are you not going green because you think it is too hard?  It is actually not hard to go green at work and school.  There are many simple ways to go green around the workplace.      

One way is to send emails instead of sending out paper copies of notices.  If you need to tell a lot of people something very quickly, use email.  It is fast and helps the environment.  Another thing you can do is turn out the lights when you leave a room for 15 minutes or more.  That will help save so much energy and it only takes less than a second to do. Also when going to work you should try to carpool, this saves lots of gas for one and then there is not so much pollution destroying our clean air.  These are some very simple ways to go green at work.                                  

10 Ways To Go Green at Work       

There are many ways to go green at school as well.  Not all of us work in an office and would still like to help.  You should try to make sure to recycle.  It is harder to go paperless at school then at work because teachers give you worksheets and tests that are usually on paper.  If you can convince your teacher to do so, ask them to make just enough copies of the test so that everyone gets one. Sometimes they can use the same test for multiple classes.  This would cut the copies down from over 100 to maybe only 25 or so. That is one fourth the amount of copies.  Also encourage your teacher to turn the lights off when you all leave the classroom. This cuts down on the energy the building uses.  If you can drive to school offer to pick up some friends or take turns driving to school, this saves on gas money and saves our environment.      
These are just a few ways to go green.  See it is not that hard after all, most of these things take very little time to do. It can even be more fun to ride to work or school with a friend or co-worker. You never know. So get out there and go green. You are not only helping yourself but your kids and your grandkids to come.   

Eight Fun Ways To Go Green on Campus