What Happens if we DON'T Go Green?

    Scientist have made many predictions. We've all heard the warnings and seen the evidence. Whether or not society rises to make the change is something that's up to the people. If society doesn't come together now and make healthier choices for our planet, the consequences will be around for generations to come. We are rapidly using up our recources, polluting our atmosphere, contaminating our waters, and cutting down our trees. If our lifestyles continue on at this rate the earth will start to show signs of it's abuse.

     But have we already started to see the signs? The polar ice caps are melting at a frightening rate because of global warming. Hurricane Katrina was an example of why that is a problem. Global warming will bring bigger storms and hurricanes that will hold more water, according to climate scientists. The consequences of global warming will only get worse. Diseases, for instance, will start emerging like crazy. A warmer earth means a better host for bacteria. Animals will also have to move from their habitats to find a more comforatable climate if the heat starts to rise. Global warming is caused by humans letting too much CO2 into the atmosphere. If we don't stop this now, the oce caps will keep melting. It is predicted that New York will be under water in the matter of years.

     We also must stop polluting our planet. Chemical pollutants have been responsible for affecting the reproductive organs of fish, alligators and polar bears, preventing them from producing babies. Chemical pollution in the environment also affects humans - 46 US states have issued warnings against eating local fish because of dioxin contamination, and in Europe, human breast milk passes on more dioxin to our babies than is legally allowed for cow's milk. Despite this, the amount of pesticide sprayed on our crops around the world has increased 26 times in the last 50 years. Eating more organic food won't lead to harmful risks like this.

     These problems with our earth are very real. They are a growing problem each year. Please don't let things get out of hand. Go Green now so we don't feel the consequences later. Below are some helpful articles to help you better understand the consequences of not going green.


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Below is a short one minute video that shows the consequences of not going green.